AWH Education

 (Indonesian Version)
Supported with more than 20 years teaching and field experiences instructors, We offer you scheduled  and in-house  training for special skills competencies.  AWH Education is a site that provides information about services and products in the field of education, especially polytechnics and vocational schools,consisting of
  1. Service
  2. Product
  3. Training
  1. Provides main document for institution: Statutes, Strategic Plan, Operational Plan, Implementation Program, Self-Evaluation.
  2. Development of Information System for Schools / Polytechnics  , Laboratories / Workshop, Inventory, Administration and Finance, Human Resources Management.
  3. Planning, Construction and Development Laboratory and Workshop.
  4. Engineering Electronic Systems, Control, Instrumentation, Refrigeration & Air Conditioning.


  1. Information Systems Software for School / Polytechnic Management; Academic Administration; Laboratory and Workshop Management; Inventory Management; Finace Management; Human Resources Management.
  2. Modules for Students Practice.


  1. Planning documents including Strategic Plan, Operational Plan and Implementation Program, Self-Evaluation.
  2. Software and hardware computer including programming, computer networks, interfacing, application programs, database.
  3. Instrumentation & Control including Programmable Logic Circuit (PLC), Continuous Control Systems, Discrete Control Systems, Computer-based control, Scada, DCS
  4. Electronic & Electrical.
  5. Refrigeration & Air Conditioning.
Please contact us for any detail information about our training packages.